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If you’re looking to make a mild switch to another color, just so that it isn’t focused on traditional white and you still don’t want to go overboard with it, you might want to take a look at ivory themed weddings. This is a good example of a mild color which still looks highly traditional but has that tiny segment of wonder about it you would get from wearing an intense red dress. It’s a very romantic and gentle color – usually you will see pink combined with ivory color. This has been made up for emotional brides who really want to make their dream wedding become reality. When choosing the flowers you will definitely find it difficult to make a mistake since the offering of pink and ivory colored flowers is available throughout the year. Details for the bride’s dress and accessories need to be skillfully chosen, like pink shoes, some hair details or mildly pink earrings. If you haven’t imagined yourself in a pink wedding, you might want to go for an ivory wedding dress which is, most probably, the best possible color for a wedding dress you can get.

Ivory Wedding DressIvory Themed Wedding

The difference in colors can be accomplished by using different tones of ivory. For an example, your bridesmaids should wear a darker tone of ivory. Room decoration in this combination of colors is most interesting for sure. It looks rich, elegant and sophisticated. Pink invitation cards, cake decorations or even cream on cookies will only provide more subtle detailing to your pink, ivory themed dream wedding.

The beauty about ivory is that it’s still really similar to regular white while it definitely gives that extra special touch which a lot of new weddings are missing in order to be a bit special, objectively. You can easily get your wedding done in ivory Ivory Wedding Dress 1color because it’s a really popular color nowadays, both in wedding and bridesmaids dresses as well as with all of the accessories and decorations that are used throughout the whole wedding. Generally speaking, ivory is almost like a custom made color scheme for modern western weddings, presented as a nice alternative to the usual white gowns and accessories. It does make a lot of difference but it may require more of your effort in order for it to be properly combined with other colors.

Consider pink to be your biggest ally here, since it works great with ivory as it does with white. It’s really all about combining the colors in an appropriate manner and degree, so always tend to focus on contrast management and adding small details to the overall package that will work towards your design idea instead going against it. Clutter is probably the biggest problem here as we are all instinctively trying to put as many of decorations as possible on a flat surface, leaving no negative white (irony) space to go around. This negative space is really important for the overall package so don’t eliminate it because it does make a world of difference if done properly.

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